(In the afternoon, Najmi and Hilal were very hungry. Theywanted to eat something, and then found a restaurant. The menu looked very delicious. They chose a table, sat down, and read the menu. Then they waited. At last the waiter comes.)
Waiter : What would you like to eat, Madam?
Najmi : Well, I’d like salad, please.
Waiter : What kind of dressing do you like? We have French, Italian, and blue cheese.
Najmi : Er, Blue cheese, please.
Waiter : Salad with Blue cheese, Is there anything else?
Najmi : Yes, I’ll have some garlic bread and a glass of mango juice.
Waiter : (to Hilal) How about you, what do you want to order?
Hilal : Pizza – large, with ice tea, please.
Waiter : Wait for a moment please. The food will be ready not more than fifteen minutes.
Najmi : Sure.

Answer the following questions briefly.
1. Who are involved in the dialogue above?
2. How does the menu look like?
3. What do they order?
4. What does the waiter say to offer the menu?
5. Where does the conversation take place?


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