Expressing of getting one’s attention
(Hilal is watching radio in the living room. Najmi comes.)
Najmi : Pardon me, Hilal.
Hilal : Yes? What happened?
Najmi : Can you turn the radio down? I want to phone Deny.
Hilal : No problem.
Najmi : Thank you very much.
(Telephoning her friends, Najmi walks into the dining room where her mother and father are eating.)
Mother : Do you want to have more, dad?
Father : No, I am full.
Najmi : I’m sorry for interrupting you, but I want to tell important news.
Mother : What is it, dear?
Najmi : Mom, dad. Deny will propose me next week. I hope you will agree.
Father & mother : Oh, that’s very good news. Of course, we don’t mind of that.

Answer the following questions.
1. Who are involved in the dialogue above?
2. What did Hilal do when Najmi came?
3. What did Najmi ask Hilal to do?
4. Why did Najmi ask that?
5. How did Najmi ask that?
6. What did Najmi say to interrupt her mother and father conversation?

By Ely Wulandari Maulana Posted in Class X

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