Hilal : Hi, Najmi. This is Hilal. Do you still remember me?
Najmi : Oh, Hilal. How are you?
Hilal: : Fine, thank you. And how have you been?
Najmi ; I feel great. Why are you here?
Hilal : Well, I want to visit my nephew. Listen, Najmi. I would like to apologize for not being able to present at your wedding party.
Najmi : That’s all right. But you missed meeting our old friends.
Hilal : I know. Well, actually I was on our way to your party when suddenly a car hit me.
Najmi : Oh, dear. That’s awful. Are you OK?
Hilal : I was fine. But I had to my car.
Najmi : I am so glad you are safe from the accident. Why don’t you come to my hose then?

Answer the questions below.
1. Who are involved in the dialogue above?
2. Where does the conversation take place?
3. Who got married?
4. Who had an accident?
5. Why did the accident happen?
6. What does Najmi say to express her sympathy?

Task 1
What do you say to a friend who tells you that:
1. he/she lost his/her money.
2. he/she cut herself when she was cooking.
3. he/she has just lost his/her new motorcycle.
4. he/she fell down from the tree.
5. his/her brother has been hospitalized.
6. he/she couldn’t pass the exam.
7. someone you knew and liked very much was sick.
8. someone has stolen his/her money.
9. he/she was hit by a car.
10. he/she failed the driving test.

Task 2
Write dialogues based on the following situation:
1. You heard that your brother’s favourite futsal team lost the match.
2. You saw a man got an accident. He was badly injured. Now, he is in the hospital. You want to tell his parent.
3. You want to tell your friend that he has failed his final test.

By Ely Wulandari Maulana Posted in Class X


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