Expressing Relief means mengungkapkan perasaan lega.

Read the text below carefully.
Daughter : Mom, can I go to my friend’s birthday party tonight?
Mother : Whose party, honey?
Daughter : David’s party.
Mother : What! Do you mean that David? I don’t think he’s a suitable boy. I will never allow you to go there.
Daughter : But, mom….
Mother : No buts, Sarah! You are not going to a party at his house. Never!

The next day, Mrs. Smith went to the supermarket to shop. Suddenly she saw an old school friend from years ago. Her name used to be Alice Cowper, but now, she was Mrs. Alice Templeton, mother of the infamous David, the monster of Sarah’s class.

That night, Mrs. Smith told Sarah that maybe she had been too harsh with her over David’s party. Therefore, she was changing her mind and allowing her to attend David’s party on Saturday night. Sarah was much relieved. Throwing her arms around her mother, Sarah said:

Sarah : Oh, mother, thank you so much. Everyone thought I was such an idiot for not being allowed to attend David’s party. He is really such a sweet boy. I’m so happy and relieved.
Mother : Don’t get carried away, Sarah.

Answer the following questions.
1. Who are the people mentioned above?
2. Who will have a birthday party?
3. Who will go to the party?
4. Does Sarah’s mother allow her to go to the party? Why?
5. Who is David’s mother?
6. What does Sarah say to express her relief?

By Ely Wulandari Maulana Posted in Class XI

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