(Memberikan pujian)

Text 1

Nabila : Hi, Sari! How are things?

Sari : Fine, and you?

Nabila : I’m feeling great today. How was your weekend at the beach?

Sari : Terrific! We had a lovely time there. You should go there.

Nabila : Really? Hey, what a beautiful blouse you are wearing, it matches your skirt.

Sari : Thanks. My mother gave it to me on my birthday.

Nabila : Wow! That’s wonderful. Oh, Sari, I almost forget. Can I ask you something?

Sari : Oh, sure. What’s up?

Nabila : Have you finished typing the annual report we made last week?

Sari : Yes, mean this?

Nabila : Yeah, Hmmm, I think this report is excellent. Thanks a lot Sari. You did a great job. Now I have to give it to the director immediately.

Sari : OK. You’d better hurry. He may be waiting for it.

Nabila : Well, he probably is. Thanks again, Sari. Have a nice day!

Answer the following questions.

1. Who are involved in the dialogue above?

2. Where does the conversation take place?

3. What is the relationship of the two speakers?

4. Who went to the beach?

5. Did she enjoy it?

6. What is she wearing?

7. What does Nabila say to compliment Sari?

8. Who made the annual report?

9. Did Sari do it well?

10. What does Sari say to compliment Sari?

Text 1

Listen to the conversation and fill in the blanks.

Annisa : Wow! That’s a … dress, Dinahyu. Is it new?

Dinahyu : Yes, it is.

Annisa : The colour and the model … on you.

Dinahyu : Oh, do you really think so? I am really fond of this dress.

Annisa : Did you make it yourself?

Dinahyu : Certainly no, Anis. My aunt gave it to me as a birthday gift.

Annisa : Did she? What a … you have!

Answer the following questions.

1. Who are having the dialogue?

2. Where are they having conversation?

3. Who is wearing a new dress?

4. Does she like the dress? Underline the words expressing her like!

5. Who made her dress?

6. Why did her aunt give the dress?

7. Underline the words expressing compliment!

Make short conversations based on these situations.

1. You want to tell your friend, Rini that you liked her chicken steak she cooked you yesterday.

2. You are a teacher and you want to compliment Iwan, one of your students, on his good composition.

3. You are a personal manager. Give a compliment to one of your staff on his work and that you want to raise his salary.

4. You are a father and you are complimenting your son on his good semester report.

By Ely Wulandari Maulana Posted in Class X


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