Read the dialogue and then answer the questions.

Mrs. Thufailah : Najmi, have you finished washing the dishes?
Najmi : Yes, I have mom.
Mrs. Thufailah : Would you like to go to the shop and buy some ketchup? It’s gone.
Najmi : I just brought it last night.
Mrs. Thufailah : I couldn’t find it. Where did you put it?
Najmi : Wait for a minute mom. I am coming down ….. (after a few minutes). Here you are, mom.
Mrs. Thufailah : Oh, you put it there. You should put it at its usual place. Can you help me to cook?
Najmi : Surely, mom. What do you want me to do now?
Mrs. Thufailah : Get some chicken from the refrigerator, cut it into small pieces and wash it, okay?
Najmi : Yes, mum. ….. (after a few minutes)
I am through, mum. Here you are.
Mrs. Thufailah : Could you help me to set the table? Your father may be at home soon.
Najmi : Are we going to have dinner at home? He usually doesn’t.
Mrs. Thufailah : He said he would be home for dinner today.
Najmi : Alright. I’ll do it ….. (the telephone is ringing)
Hello, this is Najmi. Who is calling, please?
Hilal : Don’t you recognize my voice? This is Hilal.
Najmi : Hi, Hilal. What happen?
Hilal : Well, nothing special. Well, actually I want you to go with me to a book fair.
Najmi : Not at the moment, please. I am now busy helping my mom preparing for dinner.
Hilal : What a dilligent girl. Okey I understand. How about if we go in this afternoon at 3 or 4 p.m.?
Najmi : Wait for a moment. I’ll ask my mom first, okay? ….. Mom, can I go with Hilal to a book fair this afternoon?
Mrs. Thufailah : Don’t you have any lectures?
Najmi : I’m free and have no lecture this afternoon.
Mrs. Thufailah : If so, of course you may go. But, be at home before 7 p.m.. Remember, we’re having dinner together tonight.
Najmi : Thanks mom. Hallo Hilal, are you still there?
Hilal : Does your mom let you go with me?
Najmi : Yes, she does. Can you pick me up?
Hilal : I’ll be there at three, okay?
Najmi : Okey. Don’t be late.
Hilal : Bye.
Najmi : Bye.

1. What has Najmi just done?
2. What does her mother want her to do?
3. How does she express it?
4. Does she go to the shop to buy the ketchup? Why?
5. Why couldn’t her mother find where it was?
6. What else does her mother want her to do?
7. How does she express it?
8. “Your father may be at home in…..” what does the word may express?
9. Who is calling while Najmi setting the table?
10. Why does she call?
11. Where do they want to go?
12. Can Najmi go? Why?
13. What does Najmi say to get permission from her mother?
14. Can Hilal pick up Najmi?
15. What time will Hilal be at Najmi’s house?

By Ely Wulandari Maulana Posted in Class X


  1. Thanks vry much,i can lern more from ur blog,
    iam sory,i frget to introduc my self
    i am from solo,n i have study at jogja,
    now i am still practice in senior high school’PPL’
    iam sory because my grammer so low.heheh

  2. kalo blh… saya minta informasi klasifikasi ungkapan atau respon dari masing-masing ungkapan. makasih bwngt, smua isinya bagus-bagus.

  3. may i know this answer, because if you want make some learn English, don’t forget you must also make this answer. so can help us to understand about this question and we know our mistake when we unswer this questions. i think so.

    • Dear Tika…
      Mom.. Can I go with Hilal? (asking permission)
      of course you may go. (giving permission)

  4. good knowladge and I just give suggestion, about this blog,it should describe some expressions Mean,sentences and test.thanks for y knowledge,go forward….

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