(Memberikan pendapat)

Assistant : Good morning, Miss. Can I help you?

Tiara : Yes, please. I need a pair of shoes and also a pair of jeans.

Nana : And I want to buy a hat and dress.

Assistant : Oh….. You can find it there.

Tiara : Nana, come here! What do you think about this pair of jeans?

Nana : I think that it’s suitable for you.

Tiara : But, I don’t like the colour.

Nana : It seems that this one is suitable for you. This is blue! Your favourite colour.

Tiara : Yes, correct. I will take this one. And what about you?

Nana : Wait a moment. I’ll choose one of these hats.

Tiara : What colour do you want?

Nana : I want red colour.

Tiara : What about this red one?

Nana : This is very sweet. I’ll try it first.

Tiara : Where is the sitting room?

Assistant : The fitting room is at the corner.

Nana : Ok. Let’s go there.

Answer the following questions.

1. Where is the dialogue take place?

2. What does Nana think about the jean that is chosen by Tiara?

3. What colour does Nana want?

4. Does Tiara agree with Nana’s opinion?

5. Where is the fitting room?

By Ely Wulandari Maulana Posted in Class XI


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