Expressing Curiosity

Complete the dialogue with the expressions in below.

Is snoring harmful Mrs. Dian?
What do you mean by a deviated septum?
Mrs. Dian, may I ask you some questions?
Do you know what causes people to snore?

Rina: …..(1)
Mrs. Dian: What is it, dear?
Rina: It’s about my dad. Lately he has been snoring in his sleep. I can hear his snoring from my room. It is pretty loud. …..(2).
Mrs. Dian: Many things, Rina. People snore because they have allergies, catch a cold, or probably have a sinus infection. Also, if a person is overweight or drinks alcohol, they are most likely to snore in their sleep.
Rina: Well, my dad is not overweight and he doesn’t drink.
Mrs. Dian: Ha..ha..ha.. I do not say he drinks or being overweight. I was just telling you some of the reasons why people snore, Rina.
Rina: ….. (3)
Mrs. Dian: No, but only if the reasons are what I have mentioned before. It can be easily cured. But, I know there are people who have surgeries since they have a very deviated septum. It is not only to make them stop snoring but also to help them to breathe better.
Rina: ….. (4).
Mrs. Dian: It is a condition where the tissue and cartilage that separates the two nostrils in a person’s nose is crooked.
Rina: Oh, well. I should tell my dad to visit his doctor.
Mrs. Dian: You definitely should. Snoring is more a symptom than the actual diseases. Give my regards to your father, Rina. I hope he will feel better, soon.
Rina: Thank you, Mrs. Dian. Have a good day!

1. What does Rina ask to Mrs. Dian?
2. According to Mrs. Dian, what causes people to snore?
3. Is Rina’s father a fat man?
4. What does Mrs. Dian’s words “What is it dear” imply?
5. What will Rina probably do net?

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By Ely Wulandari Maulana Posted in Class XII

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