Expressing Encouragement

Read the dialogue expressing encouragement.

Mira: Hi, Lydia, what are you doing?
Lidya: I’m reading “Ketika Cinta Bertasbih” what a wonderful story!
Mira: Didn’t you read “Ayat-ayat Cinta” before?
Lidya: I love these stories. They are written by a marvelous writer.
Mira: I will fall asleep if I read those kinds of novels. I hate reading. Also, those books are too heavy for me to read.
Lidya: Come on, Mira…. You need to read. Maybe you should start reading novels with lighter subjects and language.
Mira: Is there any?
Lidya: Yes, of course. Why don’t you start reading some chicklit or teenlit? Theya re very popular right now. Try to read “Dealova” for a start.
Mira: Oh, yeah. That’s true. I want to read their novels.
Lidya: See, how you get interested in reading. Why don’t you just read about a subject that you like first?
Mira: Ha..ha..ha… all right. I will read some teenlit or chicklit for a start.

Do the exercise.
What do you think the following people are going to do?
1. What book is Lidya reading?
2. What kind of stories does Lidya like most?
3. Does Mira like book-reading?
4. What do the words “Come on Mira, you need to read” imply?
5. What do you know about chicklit and teenlit?
6. Have you ever read a chicklit or teenlit novel? If so, what is it?
7. Do you think Mira is aroused by Lidya’s encouragement? Why?
8. Can you mention some expressions of encouragement? What are they?

Make dialogues expressing encouragement based on the situations given.
1. Your sister fails in a writing competition. She is very upset. You try to cheer her up.
2. Your friend got a bad mark on English. He does not know how to tell about it to his parents. You encourage him to ask for a remedial test from his teacher first.
3. Your brother loses his friend’s book. He plans not to tell his friend about that and finds a reason for the lost. You try to forbid him and beg to tell his friend the truth.
4. Your friend wants to join you to go to a theatre. However, she is afraid that her parents will not allow her. You encourage her to talk to her parents and ask for permission.
5. Your friend is almost quitting a sport championship, as he thinks that his rivals seem too strong to be defeated. You encourage him just to go on.

By Ely Wulandari Maulana Posted in Class XII

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