7 comments on “Pictures

  1. Dear, Najmis`s mom
    I`ve visited your blog many times. Your blog is wonderful, beautiful and …..of course useful. It seems that you have a nice job and an a nice family.
    Unfortunately. I can’t find some info about yourself. At least the city.


    in Kebumen

  2. Mom najmis…

    aku pengen pinter bahasa iggris nii…

    aku mau UAN + UM UGM + SNMPTN, ujian masuk perguruan tinggi lah…

    pengen sukses ama nilai bhs.inggris…

  3. You’re very cretives in giving info to peole who want to know about english. I wanna be like you, have a Blog annd share what we have in our mind to other.
    keep going your work!

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