Dear all…
Diantara 12 jenis teks yang dipelajari di tingkat menengah atas, Teks Narrative adalah jenis teks yang paling sering dipelajari. Setiap semester kalian pasti mendapatkan pelajaran tentang teks yang satu ini.
Teks Narrative kita kenal juga sebagai teks naratif dalam bahasa Indonesia. Hanya saja dalam bahasa Inggris, teks Narrative memiliki lingkup yang lebih sempit. Seperti kita tahu yang namanya teks naratif yang ada dalam pelajaran bahasa Indonesia itu adalah teks tentang cerita, baik itu cerita tentang pengalaman seseorang, cerita lucu, dongeng, mitos, legenda, fable, dll. Namun dalam pelajaran bahasa Inggris contoh teks tersebut dibagi dalam Teks Narrative, Spoof, dan Recount. Misalnya saja kalau teks tentang pengalaman seseorang dalam pelajaran bahasa Inggris disebut Recount, teks cerita yang lucu disebut Spoof. Nah.. kalau Narrative adalah teks yang berupa dongeng, mitos, legenda, fable, dll.
Namanya juga narrative atau cerita, teks Narrative adalah teks yang menceritakan sebuah kisah yang sudah terjadi di masa lampau. Makanya kata kerja yang digunakan menggunakan bentuk Past Form. Misalnya:
Long time ago, there lived a woman near the river.
Finally, one of the frogs took heed to what the other frogs were saying and gave up.

Text *1 (Fabel)
A group of frogs were travelling through the woods, and two of them fell into a deep pit. When the other frogs saw how deep the pit was, they told the two frogs that they were as good as dead. The two frogs ignored the comments and tried to jump up out of the pit with all their might. The other frogs kept telling them to stop, that they were as good as dead.
Finally, one of the frogs took heed to what the other frogs were saying and gave up. He fell down and died.
The other frog continued to jump as hard as he could. Once again, the crowd of frogs yelled at him to stop the pain and just die. He jumped even harder and finally made it out.
When he got out, the other frogs said, “Did you not hear us?” The frog explained to them that he was deaf. He thought they were encouraging him the entire time.

Note: Fabel menceritakan kisah yang diperankan oleh hewan di mana kita bisa mendapatkan pesan moral dalam cerita tersebut yaitu ‘There is power of life and death in the tongue’.

Text *2 (Myth)
Once upon a time in the heavens the Batara Guru commanded all the gods and goddesses to contribute their power in order to build a new palace. Anybody who disobeyed this commandment would lose his or her head.
Upon hearing the Batara Guru’’s commandment, one of the gods, Anta, was very anxious. He didn’t have arms or legs and he wasn’t sure how he could possibly do the job. Anta was shaped as a snake and he couldn’t work. He sought advice from one of his friends but unfortunately his friend was also confused by Anta’s bad luck. Anta became very upset and cried.
As he was crying three teardrops fell to the ground. Amazingly, after touching the ground those teardrops became three eggs. His friend advised him to offer those eggs to the Batara Guru hoping that he would give a fair judgement.
With the three eggs in his mouth Anta went to the Batara Guru’s palace. On the way there he was approached by a black bird who asked him a question. He couldn’t answer because of the eggs in his mouth but the bird thought that Anta was being arrogant. It became furious and began to attack Anta and as a result one egg was shattered. Anta quickly tried to hide in the bushes but the bird was waiting for him.
The second attack left Anta with only one egg to offer to the Batara Guru.
Finally he arrived at the palace and offered his teardrop (in the shape of an egg) to the Batara Guru. The offer was accepted and the Batara Guru asked him to nest the egg until it hatched. Miraculously the egg hatched into a very beautiful girl. He gave the baby girl to the Batara Guru and his wife.
Nyi Pohi Sanghian Sri was her name and she grew up into a beautiful princess becoming more and more beautiful as the days passed by. As her beauty grew every man who saw her became attracted to her. Even her stepfather the Batara Guru started to feel an attraction toward her.
Seeing the Batara Guru’s new attitude toward Nyi Pohaci, all the gods became so worried about the situation that they conspired to separate Nyi Pohaci and the Batara Guru.
To keep the peace in the heavens and to maintain Nyi Pohaci’s good name, all the gods planned for her death. She was poisoned and her body buried on earth in a hidden place. But the graveyard was to hold a strange sign, for at the time of her burial, up grew a very useful plant that would forever benefit all human beings.
From her eyes grew the plant that is called padi (rice paddy).

Note: Mitos adalah teks yang menceritakan tentang terjadinya alam semesta, dunia, kisah para dewa, dll. Mitos di Indonesia biasanya menceritakan tentang terjadinya alam semesta, terjadinya susunan para dewa, terjadinya manusia pertama, dunia dewata, dan terjadinya makanan pokok. Mengenai mitos terjadinya padi, dikenal adanya Dewi Sri yang dianggap sebagai dewi padi orang Jawa.

Text *3 (Legend)
A long long time ago in west Sumatra, Indonesia there was a fisherman and his wife who lived in a village by the sea. They had only one son. His name was Malin Kundang. They lived a simple life because as a fisherman the husband did not earn much money. Life got harder for Malin and his mother when his father did not return from the sea. Perhaps a storm had swollen his boat or maybe a big fish attacked him. Day by day passed and they kept waiting for him. But Malin’s father never returned. So little Malin had to help her mother sold cookies in a local market.
One day there was a big ship came to the beach of their village. It was a merchant ship. Everybody came to see it including Malin. He was very impressed by what he saw. Hoping to change his life he applied for a job and he was lucky. He was recruited by the ship owner. Then Malin left his mother and his village.
Many years gone by without any news from Malin. Malin’s mother missed him so much. Everyday she looked at the sea, hoping to see Malin came home. She always prayed to God that Malin become a successful merchant. Then God heard her pray.
On a beautiful day there was a big ship came to the beach. Many people came there to see it. Malin’s mother was expectant. She was sure that it was Malin’s ship. So she hurriedly came to the beach. When she was there she asked someone that she wanted to see the owner of the ship. Then a lovely lady met her. She wore a luxurious dress and jewellry. She was Malin’s wife.
‘Is Malin Kundang here?’
“Do you know Malin?”
‘Yes, of course I know him, he’s my son!’
‘But Malin told me he had no mother. She passed away a long time ago’.
Malin’s mother was very surprised to hear her answer. Then Malin came. Her wife asked him.
‘This poor woman said that you are his son’
Malin Kundang who had became a rich merchant and had a wife from a rich family was ashame with his mother who looked poor. He denied his humble background. So when her mother hugged him he repelled her.
‘Malin, my son, I miss you so much’.
‘Who are you? I am not your son’.
Malin’s mother was was crying. She was really irritated. Her heart was deeply hurt. Then she prayed to God. And she cursed Malin.
Suddenly there was a storm. The sea was raging. Big wave came and Malin’s ship was rushed ashore and destroyed. And Malin suddenly changed into a stone statue. Today people can see Malin’s statue in Teluk Bayur beach in west Sumatra. When there is a storm or rain people often hear someone’s crying. They believe it is Malin’s cry.

Note: Legenda adalah cerita yang dipercaya oleh sebagian masyarakat benar-benar terjadi.
legenda adalah dongeng tentang hal-hal yang berdasarkan sejarah yang mengandung sesuatu hal yang ajaib atau kejadian yang menandakan kesaktian.

The social function of Narrative is to amuse or entertain the readers with actual or imaginary experience in different ways. Narrative always deals with some problems which lead to the climax and then turn into a solution to the problem.
There are three kinds of Generic Structure:
1. Orientation (who was involved, when and where was it happened)
2. Complication (a problem arises and followed by other problems)
3. Resolution (provide solution to the problem)
Language features:
1. Use of noun phrases (a beautiful princess, a huge temple)
2. Use of adverbial phrases of time and place (In the garden, two days ago)
3. Use of simple past tense (He walked away from the village)
4. Use of action verbs (walked, slept)
5. Use of adjectives phrases (long black hair)


Analytical VS Hortatory Exposition

Dear students…..

Bingung cara membedakan teks analytical exposition dan hortatory exposition? Don’t worry it’s so easy. Study the followings ya…

Sebelum kita mengetahui perbedaan teks analytical dan hortatory, mari kita mengenal persamaan dari kedua teks ini. Teks exposition dibagi menjadi dua bagian yaitu analytical exposition dan hortatory exposition. Exposition adalah jenis teks yang berisi tentang argumen-argumen tentang suatu topik. Dalam menulis teks ini, penulis perlu mencari sumber informasi agar argumen yang dikemukakan cukup kuat untuk mempengaruhi pembaca atau pendengar.
Dalam kehidupan sehari-hari kita bisa menemukan teks exposition dalam diskusi, pidato, iklan, surat, dsb. Contohnya, ada seorang teman yang merokok, kita bisa saja memberikan pendapat kita bahwa merokok itu tidak baik. So the thesis is “Smoking is not good for your health”. Kemudian kita akan memberikan alasan-alasan mengapa merokok itu tidak baik, so we tell the arguments that support our thesis. The social function of exposition is to persuade the reader or listener.

So the difference is…..
Study the text organization of analytical exposition below.
Ada 3 tahapan dalam teks analytical, yaitu:

  1. Thesis, berisi tentang suatu pernyataan tentang permasalahan tertentu. Biasanya diawali dengan kalimat I personally think, In my opinion, I believe, dll.
  2. Arguments, berisi tentang alasan-alasan untuk medukung Thesis yang dikemukakan. Diawali dengan kata, atau f rase First, Second, Furthermore, In addition, The last, dll.
  3. Reiteration, berisi tentang simpulan dari Thesis, dan Arguments yang dikemukakan. Kata-kata yang digunakan biasanya In my conclusion, Based on the arguments above, dll

Perbedaan Analytical Exposition dan Hortatory Exposition terletak di paragraf terakhir. Dalam penulisan Hortatory juga ada 3 bagian, yaitu:

  1. Thesis, berisi tentang suatu pernyataan tentang permasalahan tertentu. Biasanya diawali dengan kalimat I personally think, In my opinion, I believe, dll.
  2. Arguments, berisi tentang alasan-alasan untuk medukung Thesis yang dikemukakan. Diawali dengan kata, atau f rase First, Second, Furthermore, In addition, The last, dll.
  3. Recommendation, berisi tentang saran dari penulis atas Thesis dan Arguments yang dikemukakan. Biasanya ada kata-kata should, should not, ought to, ought not to, dll.

For example:

Text 1
Smoking in restaurants

Smoking in restaurants is just not on. It must not be allowed because it is rude, harmful to others and dangerous for the smokers.
Firstly, smoking in a restaurant is impolite. The smell of the smoke affects all people and can turn them off their food. People pay to taste good food and not to be put off by foul smelling smoke.
Another reason smoking should not be allowed in restaurant is the harm it can do to others. Passive smoking that is breathing in smoke made by a smoker can lead to asthma attacks and even cancer.
Finally, smoking is dangerous and a health risk to the smokers. Cigarettes cause heart and lung disease and people should not smoke anywhere, not just in restaurants.
Therefore, smoking in restaurants is impolite, harmful to others and a health risk to the smokers and should not be allowed in any restaurants.

Text 2
Is it important to know what your kids are watching? Of course yes. Television can expose things you have tried to protect them from, especially violence, pornography, consumerism, etc.
A study demonstrated that spending too much time on watching TV during the day or bedtime often causes bedtime disruption, stress, and short of sleep duration.
Another research found that there is a significant relationship between the amount of time spent for watching television during adolescence and early adulthood, and the possibility of being aggressive.
Meanwhile, many studies have identified a relationship between kids who watch TV a lot and being inactive and overweight.
Considering some facts mentioned above, protect your children with the following tips:
1. Limit television viewing to 1 – 2 hours each day
2. Do not allow your children to have a TV set in their bedrooms
3. Review the rating of TV shows that your children watch
4. Watch television with your children and discuss what is happening the show

Kedua teks di atas hampir sama, perbedaannya hanya ada di paragraf terakhir. Coba perhatikan paragraf terakhir pada teks 1 yang hanya berisi simpulan tidak ada saran. Memang ada kata “shouldn’t be allowed in the restaurants”, namun itu bukan saran melainkan penguatan dari thesis. Perhatikan lagi thesisnya “It must be allowed because…” Bandingkan dengan paragraf terakhir pada teks kedua yang berisi saran melalui empat tips yang harus dilakukan to protect the children. Clear right?

REPORT text…

Dear students…

There are so many questions about Report. I’m going to to give you short explanation. hope you’ll understand easily.

Well, it’s absolutely different between REPORT text and Laporan dalam bahasa Indonesia. Report as one of the genres that we learn does not mean laporan in Indonesia. So, what is a report text? Report means a text which describe things in general. It’s a little bit different from descriptive text which describe specific thing. To tell the facts of the things described, the writer usually uses present simple tense. Kecuali bendanya sudah punah, seperti dinosaurus. Penulis atau pembicara akan menggunakan simple past tense jika benda yang diceritakan sudah punah, alias dah jadul. Report text contains the class or subclass of the topic described, and then followed by telling the shape, parts, behaviour, etc in details.

Kalian pasti pernah mendeskripsikan sesuatu, bisa berupa hewan, tumbuhan, benda, dan hal lain secara umum. Contoh nyata jika ada turis asing yang meminta kalian menjelaskan tentang karakteristik orang Indonesia, kalian pasti akan mendeskripsikan orang Indonesia secara umum bukan mendeskripsikan diri kamu sendiri tentunya. Atau dalam pelajaran Biologi, kalian biasanya mempelajari karakteristik hewan secara umum, baik itu kelasnya (classification) hingga mempelajari sifat-sifat hewan tersebut secara detail (description).

Dalam bahasa Indonesia kita mengenal teks deskripsi. Namun dalam pelajaran bahasa Inggris teks deskripsi dibedakan menjadi dua bagian, yaitu descriptive dan report.

Yang harus diingat adalah Report adalah jenis teks yang mendeskripsikan sesuatu secara umum. Beda dengan Descriptive yang mendeskripsikan sesuatu secara spesifik atau tertentu (alias cuma satu). Contoh: Ada dua teks tentang komputer yaitu “Computer” dan “My Own Computer”, kalau dilihat dari judulnya kedua teks tersebut beda jenis teksnya: Computer (Umum; jenis teksnya Report); My own computer (Khusus, kan cuma komputer saya, makanya jenis teksnya Descriptive).

For example:

For many years, many people believed that the cleverest animals after man were the chimpanzees. Now, however, there is proof that dolphins may be even cleverer than these big apes.

Although a dolphin lives in the sea it is not a fish. It is a mammal. It is in many ways, therefore, like a human being.

Dolphins have a simple language. They are able to talk to one another. It may be possible for man to learn how to talk to dolphins. But this will not be easy because dolphins cannot hear the kind of sounds man can make. If man wants to talk to dolphins, therefore, he will have to make a third language which both he and the dolphins can understand.

Dolphins are also very friendly toward man. They often follow ships. There are many stories about dolphins guiding ships through difficult and dangerous water.

Text di atas menjelaskan tentang dolphin secara umum. Di paragraf kedua tercantum jelas bahwa dolphin belongs to mammal. Ini menjelaskan bahwa dophin termasuk ke dalam kelas mamalia. Di paragraf ketiga dan selanjutnya menjelaskan tentang kebiasaan dari dolphin secara umum.

Contoh lain:

A razor is a tool which is found in nearly every bathroom. A man who has thick hair on his face may have to shave twice a day. It is a habit which can be dangerous. For many years, a razor was a handle with a long piece of steel which was sharp and flat at one end. These razors had a long open blade.

But today’s razors are safer and more convenient to use. The thing which makes today’s razor safe is that the blade is small thin sharp piece of steel. The person who invented razor blades was a man called King Gillette. He was a clever man who had many ideas for new inventions. He wanted to make a blade that was safe and which could be used several times. In 1891, he invented a new type of razor blade. It was short and it was held in a special handle. The sharp edge of the blade did not stick out very far. It was a razor which was safe to use. It was more difficult to cut yourself than with the older type of razor.

Gillette’s razor blade became popular. It was an invention which worked well and which everybody need because each blade only lasted 8 to 10 times. Gillette sold many of his new safety blades and soon became a millionaire.

Teks di atas menceritakan tentang benda mati yaitu razor. Di paragraf awal menggambarkan tentang suatu alat berupa razor secara umum. Di paragraf berikutnya menjelaskan tentang bagian dan bentuk dari razor.

It’s clear that both of the texts above describe things in general. Report teks biasanya kita temukan dalam buku-buku ilmiah, science khususnya.

Social Function:

Describe the way things are (for example: a man-made thing, animals, plants). The things must be a representative of their class.

Text organization/Generic Structure:

  1. General classification (Introduce the topic of the report, such as: the class or the subclass)
  2. Description (tell the shape/form, parts, behaviour, habitat, way of survival)

Language Feature:

  1. The use of general nouns
  2. The use of relating verbs
  3. The use of present tense
  4. The use of behavioral verbs

Perlu contoh lain kan. Tinggal klik the followings:










The pharmacist’s medication mistakes

Berikut ini contoh soal dan kunci jawaban soal News Item dari soal UN 2013.

NEW YORK, Half of all heart patients made at least one medication related mistake after leaving the hospital, and guidance from a pharmacist didn’t seem reduce those errors. In a new study.
Consequences of mistakes such as forgetting to take certain drugs or taking the wrong dose can range from side effects like constipation to more serious drops it. blood pressure. Two percents of errors were life-threatening.
Not all of the problems, however. were the fault of the patients. Some may have resulted from medication side effects or other factors beyond the patients‟ control.
Hospitals involved in the study were already taking steps to prevent medication mistakes In addition to the extra pharmacist intervention, said Dr. Sunil Kripalani, the study’s lead author hem the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre In Nashville. Tennessee.
“We were surprised to see that in spite of these efforts, that 50 percent (of patients) were still having these medication errors,” he told Reuters health.
Charles Darwin was greatly influenced by the geologist Adam Sedgwick and naturalist John Henslow in his development of the theory of natural selection, which was to become the foundation concept supporting the theory of evolution. darwin „s theory holds that environmental effect lead to varying degrees of reproductive success in individuals and groups of organisms. Natural selection tends to promote adaption in organisms when necessary for survival. This revolutionary theory was published in 1859 in Darwin‟s now famous On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.
Although the pharmacist visit didn’t help the average patient, he added, certain ones seemed to benefit such as patients who were on multiple drugs or had trouble understanding health information.
As for traditionally lower risk patients, said other strategies to prevent errors may be needed.

1. What does the text tell us about?
a. The patient’s medication errors
b. The hospital’s medical treatments
c. The doctor’s medical treatment
d. The uncontrolled medical treatment
e. The pharmacist’s medication mistakes

2. What is the effect of medication errors?
a. Bleeding on heart
b. Health information
c. Problem in healing
d. Life—long time
e. Life –threatening

3. “… and guidance from a pharmacist didn’t seem to reduce those errors ….” (part 1) The underlined word Is closest In meaning to ….
a. Improve
b. Upgrade
c. Decrease
d. Degrade
e. Increase

By Ely Wulandari Maulana Posted in News Item

21 Ramadhan 1433H, 9 Agustus 2012

21 Ramadhan 1433H, 9 Agustus 2012

Malam ini tidak seperti malam Ramadhan yang biasanya. Ya, terbiasa di rumah bersama keluarga. Kebetulan malam ini menginap di sekolah menemani siswa yang sedang ada kegiatan sanlat mukim.
Hampir jam sepuluh malam, namun suara anak-anak masih terdengar. Baru saja selesai menghabiskan big suppernya dengan bakso. Cukup enak.
Tepat jam sepuluh malam, anak-anak sudah harus tidur, dan mereka harus bangun jam 2 pagi untuk shalat malam, dan pastinya harus sahur.
Mata terasa cukup ngantuk, tapi ruang guru ini masih terang benderang. Musikpun masih terdengar lantang. Sebagian teman yang lain sedang mengarahkan anak-anak untuk segera tidur.
Tikarpun sudah kubentangkan, agak kekecilan bila dibandingkan dengan ukuran badan. Sepertinya kaki harus sedikit ditekuk. Semoga bisa tidur nyenyak. Besok harus siaga bangun dan siap untuk menjalani kegiatan baksos.

boarding school education

There are many arguments in favor of a boarding school education. Nevertheless, the boarding school is not always the best education institution for everyone.
At an early age interacting and communicating with people is very important for a child’s personal life and can be especially helpful for his/her future. In a boarding school, shy children can take advantage of interaction through communal activities. The boarding school also offers a great variety of activities such as arts, sports, and music that allow children to demonstrate and develop specialized skills in their free time.
Furthermore, the structured way of life and strict rules at the boarding school may helps students to get used to a well ordered way of life. The manners and social skills will help them to become more responsible and confident, and to develop their talents in leadership. Professionally trained teachers and educators in the boarding school can offer excellent education without the parents’ constant supervision.
In spite of these good points, it is not advisable to send a child to a boarding school if he/she is a dependent learner. A boarding school usually demands that student learn independently. In addition, the boarding school should not be seen as a measure to solve inappropriate behavior or unsatisfactory study performance. Instead of improving, problematic children may close off their relationship with their peers and teachers.
In conclusion although a boarding school may provide good education to many children, it is not recommended for those who are strongly attached to their families. They may become frustrated and socially isolated.

27. According to the writer, children in a boarding school can develop specialized skills in…
a. Entrepreneurship
b. Community service
c. Reading
d. Drama
e. Music

28. Why do parents send their children to boarding school? Because…
a. It is good for shy children
b. It gives good education for adults
c. Interacting and communicating with people is very important
d. It does not allow children demonstrate excellence and develop their skills
e. It is safe and makes children become responsible and develop talents in leadership

29. From the text, we can conclude that…
a. The boarding school can be very expensive
b. There are good and bad boarding schools
c. The boarding school is the solution to our educational problems
d. It’s not necessary to send children to a boarding school because the students can live independently
e. Not everyone thinks that the boarding school is the best educational institution for children


A laptop is a kind of computer unit which has the same function as a PC (Personal Computer), but it is smaller, lighter and of different sizes. Nowadays, most people choose laptops for several reasons.
A laptop is a portable device. This portability is very helpful for our work, study and other activities. We do not need complicated cable installations to activate a laptop, and with a laptop, we can do our work anytime anywhere.
Moreover, a laptop allows us to access the internet in public places which provide free access called hot spot areas. Some people like to use this facility to carry out their tasks.
Finally, a laptop consumes energy more efficiently than a PC does. This device uses a rechargeable battery as a source of electric energy. So if we prefer using a laptop, it means that we support the government program to save energy.
That’s why a laptop has become very popular recently.

21. A public place where we can have free access to the internet is a/an…
a. Free access
b. Hot spot
c. Internet installation
d. Laptop facility
e. Hot spot area

22. A laptop has become very popular because…
a. It is portable
b. It allows us to access internet
c. It gives several benefits to the user
d. It doesn’t need complicated cable installation
e. We can do our work with it anytime anywhere

23. From the text we know that…
a. A laptop is usually more expensive than a PC
b. More people like a laptop better than PC
c. More people like a PC better than a laptop
d. For a mobile person a laptop is more handy than a PC
e. A laptop is cheaper now than it was before

By Ely Wulandari Maulana Posted in Report

Negeri Sembilan

Negeri Sembilan is a unique among Malaysian states for its Adat Pepatih, a matrilineal social system which came together with the Minangkabau people from the Indonesian island of Sumatra who settled in the state.
The cultural heart of Minangkabau culture in Negeri Sembilan is the pretty royal town of Seri Menanti, about 50 km from the state capital, Seremban. Here, you will find a traditional timber palace. It was the residence of Negeri Sembilan’s ruler until 1992 when it was turned into the Royal Museum. It is a showcase of Minangkabau architecture and design, and it was built by two local crafts men in 1908. No screws or nails were used in its construction. Many houses in the vicinity of Seri Menanti adopt the distict feature of Minangkabau architecture-the curved roof which resembles the horns of the buffalo.
For more of the state’s history, you can head to the State Museum in Seremban which is also housed in a former palace, the Istana Ampang Tinggi. The Adat Museum in Rembau, 25km south of Seremban, contains a fascinating array of cultural artefacts from handcrafted antiques to community heirlooms. Further to the south is the Pangkalan Kempas Historical Complex. Its most fascinating feature is a group of stone megaliths which are referred to as batu hidup (living rocks). Villagers believe the rocks can grow and move on their own.

18. The second paragraph is about…
a. Seri Mananti
b. Negeri Sembilan
c. Traditional culture in Sumatra
d. Architectural building in Negeri Sembilan
e. Minangkabau palce in Negeri Sembilan

19. Where can visitors find batu hidup?
a. In the State Museum
b. In Pangkalan Kempas
c. In the Adat Museum
d. In Rembau
e. In the Istana Ampang Tinggi

20. Why can Minangkabau culture be found in Negeri Sembilan?
a. Minangkabau people adopt the culture
b. The resident line together with Minangkabau people
c. Minangkabau people inhabited the town
d. Many homes have the culture of Minangkabau
e. The Royal Museum has Minangkabau characteristics

Remote Sensing

Remote sensing is the acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon, without making physical contact with the object. In modern usage, the term generally refers to the use of aerial sensor technology to detect and classify objects on Earth (both on the surface, and in the atmosphere and ocean) by means of propagated signals (e.g. electromagnetic radiation emitted from aircraft or satellites).
There are two main types or remote sensing: passive remote sensing and active remote sensing. Passive sensors detect natural radiation that is emitted or reflected by the objects or surrounding area being observed. Reflected sunlight is the most common source of radiation measured by passive censors. Examples of passive remote sensors include film photography, infra-red, charge-coupled devices, and radiometers. Active collection, on the other hand, emits energy in order to scan objects and areas whereupon a sensor then detects and measures the radiation that is reflected or backscattered from the target. RADAR and LIDAr are examples of active remote sensing where the time delay between emission and return is measured, stabilizing the location, height, speed and direction of an object.

15. From the text we know that remote sensing…
a. Is a way to obtain information about an object or phenomenon
b. Does not difficult to do
c. Makes physical contact with the object
d. Does not make use of censors
e. Does not make use propagated signals

16. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
a. Active sensing is better than passive sensing
b. The energy in sunlight is important for remote sensing
c. Passive sensing is not as strong as active sensing
d. The source of energy radiated for sensing determines whether it is the active or passive type
e. Active remote sensing and passive remote sensing are equally useful for the development of knowledge and technology

17. Based on the text we can say that…
a. Remote sensing is expensive technology
b. Remote sensing is useful for transportation
c. We can apply the technology to study animals
d. Medical science can be improved through remote sensing
e. Remote sensing make it possible to collect information of an object in a dangerous area

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PT PLN (Persero) invites eligible bidders for purchasing Carbon Credit from PLN’s Projects Using CDM scheme.
Bidding is open to local or international organization having business line in CDM project development and/or has successful experiences in purchasing Carbon Credit.
Bidder may obtain and collect further information on the Terms of Transaction Document (DTS) at the following address:
Date : 22 October – 29 October 2012
Time : 10.00 am – 03.00 pm
Place : Secretariat of VP LKL
PT PLN (Persero)
Main Building 13th floor, JL. Trunojoyo Blok M1/135,
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12160 Indonesia
Phone : 62217896541, ext. 52
Fax : 62217896542
Detailed explanation and information, bid submission, etc will be applied in accordance with the provisions stipulated in the DTS. DTS can be obtained free of charge.
This notification does not cause any financial liability to PT PLN (Persero).

Jakarta, October 24, 2012


13. The condition for candidates to join the bid is that it must…
a. Be an international organization
b. Have successful experiences in purchasing carbon credit
c. Be a local organization
d. Be financially safe
e. Be invited by PLN

14. “This notification does not cause any financial liability to PT PLN (Persero)”
The underlined word is closest in meaning to…
a. Guarantee
b. Procedure
c. Responsibility
d. Development
e. Improvement

Alfred Bernhard Nobel

Alfred Bernhard Nobel was a Swedish chemist, engineer, innovator, and ornament manufacturer. He was the inventor of dynamite. He also owned Bofors, which he had redirected from its previous role as primarily an iron and steel producer to a major manufacturer of cannons and other ornaments. He held 355 different patents, dynamite being the most famous. In his last will, he used his enormous fortune to institute the Nobel Prizes. The synthetic element nobelium was named after him. He was the third son of Immanuel Nobel and Andriette Ahlsell Nobel. Born in Stckholm on 21 October 1833, he went with my family to Saint Petersburg in 1842, where his father invented modern plywood. He studied chemistry with Professor Nikolay Nickolaevich Zinin. When he was 18, he went to the United States to study chemistry for four years and worked for a short period under John Ericsson, who designed the American Civil War ironclad USS Monitor.
Returning to Sweden, with his father after bankruptcy of his family business, he then devoted himself to the study of explosives, and especially to the save manufacture and use of nitroglycerine (discovered in 1847 by Acanio Sobrero, one of his fellow students under Theophile-Jules Pelouze at the University of Turin. A big explosion occurred on 2 September 1864 at his factory in Heleneborg in Stockholm, killing five people. Among them was his younger brother, Emil.
The foundations of the Nobel Prize were laid in 1895 when Alfred Nobel wrote his last will, leaving much of his wealth for its establishment. Since 1901, the prize has honoured men and women for outstanding achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and for work in peace.

10. Where did Alfred Nobel work with John Ericsson?
a. In Sweden
b. In the USA
c. In Stockholm
d. In Heleneborg
e. In Saint Petersburg

11. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
a. Alfred Nobel devoted himself to the study of chemistry
b. His success with explosive finally led to the 1864 tragedy
c. A big explosion in Heleneborg in Stockholm killed many people
d. A big explosion destroyed his factory in Heleneborg Stockholm
e. Alfred Nobel planned the safe manufacture and use of nitroglycerine

12. What was Bofor’s main business under Alfred Nobel?
a. It manufactured cannons and other ornaments
b. It designed the ironclad monitor
c. It produced iron and steel
d. It produced dynamite
e. It invented nobelium

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Tourist Boats Collided in Thailand

Tourist Boats Collided in Thailand, 42 Injured

Thailand: Forty-two passengers were injured and two were missing after two boats carrying Thai and foreign tourists collided in the popular island beach party, police said Sunday.
The speedboats were ferrying tourists to the Pha-Ngan island for a “fullmoon” party, a monthly event that attracts thousands of young, mostly western tourists.
Provincial police officer, Adipong Tapee said of the 42 travelers injured, 39 were hospitalized including four Britons, four Australians and four Singaporeans. Also among them were Irish, Norwegian, Malaysian and Thai tourists, he said.
The boats collided and overturned before midnight Saturday, throwing the passengers into the rough sea water just off the island, the website of The Nation newspaper said.

8. We know from the text that…
a. The boat carried forty two passengers
b. The accident happened not far from Pha-Ngan
c. The two missing passengers were westerners
d. The passengers were mostly foreign tourists
e. The boats collided on the way back to Pha-Ngan island

9. What had possibly caused the accident?
a. A careless captain
b. Too many passengers on board
c. There were too many boats
d. A rough weather
e. The boats were speeding

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