Read the dialogue and then answer the questions.

Mrs. Thufailah : Najmi, have you finished washing the dishes?
Najmi : Yes, I have mom.
Mrs. Thufailah : Would you like to go to the shop and buy some ketchup? It’s gone.
Najmi : I just brought it last night.
Mrs. Thufailah : I couldn’t find it. Where did you put it?
Najmi : Wait for a minute mom. I am coming down ….. (after a few minutes). Here you are, mom.
Mrs. Thufailah : Oh, you put it there. You should put it at its usual place. Can you help me to cook?
Najmi : Surely, mom. What do you want me to do now?
Mrs. Thufailah : Get some chicken from the refrigerator, cut it into small pieces and wash it, okay?
Najmi : Yes, mum. ….. (after a few minutes)
I am through, mum. Here you are.
Mrs. Thufailah : Could you help me to set the table? Your father may be at home soon.
Najmi : Are we going to have dinner at home? He usually doesn’t.
Mrs. Thufailah : He said he would be home for dinner today.
Najmi : Alright. I’ll do it ….. (the telephone is ringing)
Hello, this is Najmi. Who is calling, please?
Hilal : Don’t you recognize my voice? This is Hilal.
Najmi : Hi, Hilal. What happen?
Hilal : Well, nothing special. Well, actually I want you to go with me to a book fair.
Najmi : Not at the moment, please. I am now busy helping my mom preparing for dinner.
Hilal : What a dilligent girl. Okey I understand. How about if we go in this afternoon at 3 or 4 p.m.?
Najmi : Wait for a moment. I’ll ask my mom first, okay? ….. Mom, can I go with Hilal to a book fair this afternoon?
Mrs. Thufailah : Don’t you have any lectures?
Najmi : I’m free and have no lecture this afternoon.
Mrs. Thufailah : If so, of course you may go. But, be at home before 7 p.m.. Remember, we’re having dinner together tonight.
Najmi : Thanks mom. Hallo Hilal, are you still there?
Hilal : Does your mom let you go with me?
Najmi : Yes, she does. Can you pick me up?
Hilal : I’ll be there at three, okay?
Najmi : Okey. Don’t be late.
Hilal : Bye.
Najmi : Bye.

1. What has Najmi just done?
2. What does her mother want her to do?
3. How does she express it?
4. Does she go to the shop to buy the ketchup? Why?
5. Why couldn’t her mother find where it was?
6. What else does her mother want her to do?
7. How does she express it?
8. “Your father may be at home in…..” what does the word may express?
9. Who is calling while Najmi setting the table?
10. Why does she call?
11. Where do they want to go?
12. Can Najmi go? Why?
13. What does Najmi say to get permission from her mother?
14. Can Hilal pick up Najmi?
15. What time will Hilal be at Najmi’s house?

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Expressing Surprise, Belief, and Unbelief


Text 1

A : Mr. Agus didn’t teach us this morning.

B : What a surprise. He is never absent before.

Answer the questions below.

1. Who was the teacher?

2. Where did the conversation take place?

3. What is the relationship between the two speakers?

4. Underline the words expressing surprise.

Text 2

A : Dad, my friends and I plan to climb Mount Lawu next week.

B : You are kidding! This is hard rainy season. It will be dangerous up there.

Answer the questions below.

1. Who will go to the mountain?

2. Where did the conversation take place?

3. What is the relationship between the two speakers?

4. Underline the words expressing surprise.

Text 3

Dina : Good heavens! Look at this. It says a pilot was nearly sucked out of the window of his plane. It was in mid air.

Sandi : Really? He wasn’t killed, was he?

Dina : No, it says he was hanging out of the window while the plane was 23,000 feet in the air.

Sandi : I don’t understand. The windows didn’t break, did it?

Dina : Yes it did. Actually.

Answer the questions below.

1. Who are involved in the dialogue above?

2. Who are they?

3. What are Dina and Sandi talking about?

4. How was the pilot condition?

5. How was the plane condition?

Make short dialogues based on the situation.

1. Your handphone was stolen. Your close friend, Kristina, did it. You surprised.

2. Your headmistress annonces that you are the winner of the writing contest of your school. You surprise.

Text 4

Dona : Watch that! A man eats nails and glasses. Wouw….! That’s out of logic.

Mita : What’s programme do you watch?

Dona : I watch “Guiness Book World of Record”!

Mita : Oh, that’s an interesting programme.

Dona : Do you believe that one can do something like that?

Mita : Me? I believe that. What about you?

Dona : I don’t believe it.

Mita : Up to you!

Answer the questions below.

1. What did Dona see last night?

2. What did the programme about?

3. Do you believe that?

4. Do you have special experience that someone does something strange?

5. What did Mita say to express that she believes man can do strange thing?

6. What did Dona say to express that she doesn’t believe man can do strange thing?

7. Find out expressions showing believing and unbelieving?

Make short dialogues based on the situation.

1. Your friend told you that he was safe from a train accident.

2. Someone tells you that he can make you rich just in a few days.

3. Someone was cut his head but he didn’t die.

4. A ghost haunted you last night.

Words expressing surprise and unbelief

° Really

° What a surprise

° Are you serious

° You’re kidding

° Tell me it’s not true

° That’s out of logic

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(Mengungkapkan permintaan, memberi dan memberikan ijin)

Study the following dialogue.

Jane : Is it a new car John?

John : Yes, it is a brand new Peugeut 307. Is it all right if I park my car here?

Jane : I’m sorry that’s not allowed. It is too close to the intersection. The car on the right side can not see it.

John : Over there, I think. There, it will not disturb the traffic.

Jane : Yes, that’s fine. It is behind my house. What brings you here?

John : I remember you bought a Nikon camera long time ago.

Jane : Oh, my old camera. Yes, I did. Why?

John : Do you mind if I borrow that camera for a few days?

Jane : Sure, John, but are you kidding? You drive an expensive car but you don’t have a camera.

John : it is urgent. I don’t know where mine is. My friend from British Consulate called me last week. I have to take pictures of Queen Elizabeth at the Buckingham palace next week. Her photos will be exhibited in Time magazine next month.

Jane : Wow! Congratulations, John.

John : Thank you, Jane.

Answer these questions.

1. Who are involved in the dialogue above?

2. Who has a new car?

3. Why did he want to borrow Jane’s camera?

4. What is John?

5. I don’t know …. where mine is. What does the word mine refer to?

6. In the conversation above which sentences express:

Ø A request

Ø Asking permission

Ø Giving permission

Ø Refusing permission

7. Now try to create a short dialogue using other expressions of request, asking, giving and refusing permission.

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(Memberikan pujian)

Text 1

Nabila : Hi, Sari! How are things?

Sari : Fine, and you?

Nabila : I’m feeling great today. How was your weekend at the beach?

Sari : Terrific! We had a lovely time there. You should go there.

Nabila : Really? Hey, what a beautiful blouse you are wearing, it matches your skirt.

Sari : Thanks. My mother gave it to me on my birthday.

Nabila : Wow! That’s wonderful. Oh, Sari, I almost forget. Can I ask you something?

Sari : Oh, sure. What’s up?

Nabila : Have you finished typing the annual report we made last week?

Sari : Yes, mean this?

Nabila : Yeah, Hmmm, I think this report is excellent. Thanks a lot Sari. You did a great job. Now I have to give it to the director immediately.

Sari : OK. You’d better hurry. He may be waiting for it.

Nabila : Well, he probably is. Thanks again, Sari. Have a nice day!

Answer the following questions.

1. Who are involved in the dialogue above?

2. Where does the conversation take place?

3. What is the relationship of the two speakers?

4. Who went to the beach?

5. Did she enjoy it?

6. What is she wearing?

7. What does Nabila say to compliment Sari?

8. Who made the annual report?

9. Did Sari do it well?

10. What does Sari say to compliment Sari?

Text 1

Listen to the conversation and fill in the blanks.

Annisa : Wow! That’s a … dress, Dinahyu. Is it new?

Dinahyu : Yes, it is.

Annisa : The colour and the model … on you.

Dinahyu : Oh, do you really think so? I am really fond of this dress.

Annisa : Did you make it yourself?

Dinahyu : Certainly no, Anis. My aunt gave it to me as a birthday gift.

Annisa : Did she? What a … you have!

Answer the following questions.

1. Who are having the dialogue?

2. Where are they having conversation?

3. Who is wearing a new dress?

4. Does she like the dress? Underline the words expressing her like!

5. Who made her dress?

6. Why did her aunt give the dress?

7. Underline the words expressing compliment!

Make short conversations based on these situations.

1. You want to tell your friend, Rini that you liked her chicken steak she cooked you yesterday.

2. You are a teacher and you want to compliment Iwan, one of your students, on his good composition.

3. You are a personal manager. Give a compliment to one of your staff on his work and that you want to raise his salary.

4. You are a father and you are complimenting your son on his good semester report.

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Text 1
Hilal : Hi, Najmi! Haven’t seen you for a long time. How is it going?
Najmi : Oh, hi Hilal….. It’s great, thanks. How is everything with you?
Hilal : Well, I’m fine. As a matter of fact, I was promoted as a manager.
Najmi : Wow, that’s really great. I’m glad to hear that. I’m sure you will have a good career.
Hilal : Thank you. And how about you? I’ve heard you are a secretary now.
Najmi : Yes, you’re right. That’s what I want since I was young.

Answer the following questions.
1.Who are involved in the dialogue above?
2.What is the relationship between Hilal and Najmi?
3.Where does the conversation take place?
4.Who works as a secretary?
5.What does Najmi say to express her happiness?

Text 2
Najmi : Have you ever heard that Icha and Doni are getting married?
Hilal : Oh, really? What a surprise. I’m very pleased to hear that. When is the wedding?
Najmi : Next week. Will you come to their wedding party.
Hilal : Of course. How about you?
Najmi : I’ll go there with my husband. Well, if you want we can go there together.
Hilal : All right. Pick me up at 1.

Answer the following questions.
1.Who are involved in the dialogue above?
2.What is the relationship between Nico and Olga?
3.Where does the conversation take place?
4.When will the wedding party?
5.Who will come to the wedding party?

Task 1
Give responses to the following statements using appropriate expressions of pleasure.
1.Your father is promoted to be a sergeant.
2.Japan government gives you a scholarship to continue your study there.
3.Your brother is getting married
4.You got the first rank in writing competition.
5.Your mother is awarded as the best mother of the year.
6.You are chosen as the best student at school.
7.Your team won the match.
8.Your best friend recorded a new album.

People express their happiness when they get good news or special thing.
Expression of pleasure
I’m happy to hear that
I’m glad you think so
That would be great
That sounds nice
What a wonderful day
It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.
I love it
I like it very much

I’d love too
You are right
I think so
I do, too

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Hilal : Hi, Najmi. This is Hilal. Do you still remember me?
Najmi : Oh, Hilal. How are you?
Hilal: : Fine, thank you. And how have you been?
Najmi ; I feel great. Why are you here?
Hilal : Well, I want to visit my nephew. Listen, Najmi. I would like to apologize for not being able to present at your wedding party.
Najmi : That’s all right. But you missed meeting our old friends.
Hilal : I know. Well, actually I was on our way to your party when suddenly a car hit me.
Najmi : Oh, dear. That’s awful. Are you OK?
Hilal : I was fine. But I had to my car.
Najmi : I am so glad you are safe from the accident. Why don’t you come to my hose then?

Answer the questions below.
1. Who are involved in the dialogue above?
2. Where does the conversation take place?
3. Who got married?
4. Who had an accident?
5. Why did the accident happen?
6. What does Najmi say to express her sympathy?

Task 1
What do you say to a friend who tells you that:
1. he/she lost his/her money.
2. he/she cut herself when she was cooking.
3. he/she has just lost his/her new motorcycle.
4. he/she fell down from the tree.
5. his/her brother has been hospitalized.
6. he/she couldn’t pass the exam.
7. someone you knew and liked very much was sick.
8. someone has stolen his/her money.
9. he/she was hit by a car.
10. he/she failed the driving test.

Task 2
Write dialogues based on the following situation:
1. You heard that your brother’s favourite futsal team lost the match.
2. You saw a man got an accident. He was badly injured. Now, he is in the hospital. You want to tell his parent.
3. You want to tell your friend that he has failed his final test.

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Expressing of getting one’s attention
(Hilal is watching radio in the living room. Najmi comes.)
Najmi : Pardon me, Hilal.
Hilal : Yes? What happened?
Najmi : Can you turn the radio down? I want to phone Deny.
Hilal : No problem.
Najmi : Thank you very much.
(Telephoning her friends, Najmi walks into the dining room where her mother and father are eating.)
Mother : Do you want to have more, dad?
Father : No, I am full.
Najmi : I’m sorry for interrupting you, but I want to tell important news.
Mother : What is it, dear?
Najmi : Mom, dad. Deny will propose me next week. I hope you will agree.
Father & mother : Oh, that’s very good news. Of course, we don’t mind of that.

Answer the following questions.
1. Who are involved in the dialogue above?
2. What did Hilal do when Najmi came?
3. What did Najmi ask Hilal to do?
4. Why did Najmi ask that?
5. How did Najmi ask that?
6. What did Najmi say to interrupt her mother and father conversation?

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(In the afternoon, Najmi and Hilal were very hungry. Theywanted to eat something, and then found a restaurant. The menu looked very delicious. They chose a table, sat down, and read the menu. Then they waited. At last the waiter comes.)
Waiter : What would you like to eat, Madam?
Najmi : Well, I’d like salad, please.
Waiter : What kind of dressing do you like? We have French, Italian, and blue cheese.
Najmi : Er, Blue cheese, please.
Waiter : Salad with Blue cheese, Is there anything else?
Najmi : Yes, I’ll have some garlic bread and a glass of mango juice.
Waiter : (to Hilal) How about you, what do you want to order?
Hilal : Pizza – large, with ice tea, please.
Waiter : Wait for a moment please. The food will be ready not more than fifteen minutes.
Najmi : Sure.

Answer the following questions briefly.
1. Who are involved in the dialogue above?
2. How does the menu look like?
3. What do they order?
4. What does the waiter say to offer the menu?
5. Where does the conversation take place?


Salah satu materi kelas X adalah Announcement.  Berikut ini adalah contoh teks dan pertanyaan yang bisa dibacakan oleh guru sebagai latihan Listening untuk siswa.  Sebelumnya, guru bisa memperkenalkan kata-kata yang dianggap sulit kepada siswa.


Text 1

Attention, please!

Continental executive bus will be leaving for Bukit Tinggi through Pekan Baru at 14.40.  would passengers now board the bus?


Text 2

Beta supermarket New Year sale.  We offer special prices for the following items only for a week.  You can get one kilo of sugar, regular price: Rp. 6.800,- for only Rp. 5.000 rupiah.  Ten kilograms of rice, regular price: Rp. 70.000,- for only 50.000,-  Don’t miss it.


Text 3

Thank you for visiting our show room.  Here, we are going to show you a new product.  A fantastic vacuum cleaner and how it works.  First, fix the hose.  Plug the cord into the socket.  Then start the vacuum cleaner by pushing the on button.  No sweeping no wasting time.


Text 4

Good morning,

Before we start working today, I’d like to remind you of this. As a supervisor who monitors the projects, make sure everything is in the place.  First, about the working hours.  Work starts at 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.   Workers should remain in the area during nap period.  Punctuality is obligatory.  Second, you have to take good care all of the tools you used.  Don’t forget to put them   away when you have finished.  That’s all I want to say this morning.  Happy working.


Answer the questions below.

1.      Which bus goes to Bukit Tinggi?

2.      What time is the bus leaving?

3.      What is the special price of one kg of sugar?

4.      What kind of items is on sale?

5.      Where does the information come from?

6.      What product is being explained?

7.      What do you do after fix the hose?

8.      What time should the employees start working?

9.      What does the company want the workers to be?

10.  What is the purpose of the speech?